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Happy, Wealthy, Wise

Psaros are focusing on you and the 'liveability' of your new apartment, enjoy your home while helping the environment.


  • Join the cool crowd living happy in a sustainable apartment
  • A great location means less time commuting - Psaros builds in locations close to transport and amenities
  • With solar passive design and energy-saving features, you’ll enjoy greater year-round comfort with less need for artificial heating or cooling
  • A lower carbon footprint makes everyone happy!


  • A sustainable apartment could make it more desirable and easier to sell - that potentially means higher resale value!
  • Investors can potentially enjoy lower vacancy rates and higher rental yields
  • All our initiatives work together to save you money - at no cost to you
  • Relax knowing that you are future-proofed against rising energy costs


  • A sustainable apartment is a future-proofed investment
  • Research demonstrates that this is What Perth Wants - increased density and eco-friendly apartments around transport and amenity hubs
  • Life Cycle Assessment measures the carbon footprint for the life of your apartment
  • Our sustainability inclusions help create a superior apartment, along with higher ceilings, expansive balconies and solid party walls for quieter apartment living

Max Results

When it comes to sustainable building and lifestyle benefits, no one delivers like Psaros.

Over the life cycle of our eTool® certified developments to date, the expected carbon savings is equivalent to a massive:


...Zero Cost

Psaros leads the industry in proven sustainability initiatives. We integrate them seamlessly into your new Psaros apartment to save the environment, and to save you.

But because you don't pay extra, and there is no inconvenience, you probably wouldn't know. Sure, you may notice that your energy costs are down, but what about the other good stuff? You can check out all the benefits and our whole 'design philosophy' including how our buildings' total life-cycle assessment works here on our website.

Our sales agents will be happy to discuss all the initiatives

Carefully chosen location

Spend less time commuting, and more time doing what makes you happy. Our centrally-located developments will help save the environment, save you dollars and even give you an extra half-hour in bed!

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