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Our story begins with our staff

Psaros is one of the only property development firms in Australia that measure, minimise and offset their Carbon Footprint annually. Our staff work hard to meet their individual commitment in the workplace.

A future-proof plan.

With the rise of energy costs and the increase rate of traffic congestion, it is no surprise the people of Perth are ready to embrace change. They want a more affordable and more liveable city in the future.

A future with better public transport links, more eco-friendly buildings and well-designed bike paths. At Psaros, we want to make these changes happen.

What Perth Wants.

Research commissioned by Psaros in partnership with the Conservation Council and the Property Council, has identified community attitudes to the future development of Perth, a key finding being support for increased density.

Read full report here

Life Cycle Assesment

From start to finish - we examine the environmental impacts to build, impacts to operate and impacts to demolish, and we won't stop there. At Psaros, we look forward to a continuous improvement and are forever adapting to align with future best practice.

Partnering with Psaros

eTool - our independent consultants and partner in sustainable development.

All figures from out 'Life Cyle Assessments' are calculated by eTool - this assessment is an international standard for quantifying the environmental impact of buildings.

Simply Carbon has assisted us on our journey to reduce our ecological footprint by measuring, minimising and managing our corporate carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral is a carbon solutions provider to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Award worthy answers to sustainability

Find out how our exciting, sustainable lifestyles are putting Perth on the world stage with our innovative designs and sustainable approach to urban development.

National Sustainability Award Winner - Banksia Foundation

Psaros has been recognised for our pioneering efforts in sustainability in both our business operations and as a builder of multi residential apartments in Perth.

CitySwitch Award

"Psaros demonstrate that great things can be accomplished with a high level of commitment and determination."

MBA Award

Psaros won an MBA award in the Excellence in Energy Efficiency category for our Sellenger project on Beaufort Street.
These awards recognise builders who demonstrate construction excellence.

International Award

flo by Psaros won an International Property Award at the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2015.

MBA Award

Bravo by Psaros in Mt Hawthorn won the Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award.