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Why rent when you could buy?

Are you trapped in the rent cycle, trying to save up to buy your own place?

Do you long for the security and financial freedom of owning your own home? Would you love to live closer to where you work, rest and play?

With the right timing and advice, owning your own Perth city apartment could now be easier and more affordable than you thought.

Why is now a good time to buy?

Market conditions are primed for the first homebuyer in Perth, with interest rates at an all-time low and a strong supply of quality urban apartments coming onto the market. 

For the savvy buyer there is also considerable value to be gained from developer incentives. By paying your strata fees at The Chelsea for the first two years, Psaros is helping to make Perth home ownership more affordable than ever before.

Just how affordable is apartment living?

To understand the true cost of owning your own apartment, consider these rent and mortgage comparisons:

  • If you’re paying $450 rent per week you could afford to buy a one bed, one bathroom apartment at The Chelsea (based on weekly repayments of $409.36*).
  • If you’re paying $600 rent per week you could afford a 2 bed, 1 bath Beaufort Street lifestyle (based on weekly repayments of $573.53*).
  • If you’re paying $650 rent per week you could afford a 2 bed, 2 bath city apartment (based on weekly repayments of $609.31*)

* Repayments based on 4.5% interest rates for a loan of 90% of purchase price. Better rates may be available depending on individual circumstances.

City properties also typically offer solid capital growth potential when the time is right to reinvest.

Invest today to secure your future tomorrow

A study recently commissioned by Psaros in partnership with the Conservation Council of WA, identified eco-friendly apartments and sustainable transport options, including cycling, as top priorities for residents of the City of Perth.

With sustainability considered at every stage of development, Psaros apartments are designed to future-proof both your investment and your lifestyle. And by choosing to live closer to where you spend your work time and your free time, you can choose from more sustainable forms of transport, combatting rising transport costs and congestion on our roads.

Check out this sustainability demo to learn more about the sustainability credentials of Psaros apartments. 

Getting started

To learn more about breaking free from the rent trap and getting your foot on the Perth property ladder, register for a special property investment event now []. You can take advantage of complementary mortgage advice from an experienced and independent finance broker and discover just how affordable Perth city living really is.