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Why apartment living is the sustainable choice

Sven Robertson, Sales Director at Psaros, presented on Why apartment living is the sustainable choice at the Perth Eco Fair.

Perth is at an inflection point and the current growth path is unsustainable. Perth will be the 3rd most populated city by 2050 – 3.5million and 750,000 new dwellings are required.

Traffic congestion – circa 30,000 cars. The solution is density not sprawl.

Traffic congestion

  • Lowest proportion of residents living within 10km of workplace of any Australian centre
  • Cost - 25 kilometre daily commute cost you up to $22,306 a year Petrol / wear and tear. Many new home-and-land package releases, especially the cheaper ones, are even further than 25km from the city
  • Time – should take 20 minutes, takes an hour
  • Health & Wellbeing - lengthy and unpredictable commuting journeys take a toll on individuals both physically and emotionally 


  • Apartments in locations near transport and amenity hubs future-proofed against increasing traffic congestion
  • Sustainable apartments are future-proofed against rising energy costs
  • ESD is also is the new operating system of apartments – leads to

             * Lower Vacancy rates and higher rental yields
             * Higher Resale
             * Better saleability

  • Carbon tax – if ever introduced you’ll be in a much better position footprint and therefore cost-wise 

Lifestyle Advantages – cost and time

  • Live near amenity, transport and work saves time and money
  • Save time and money on garden and maintenance
  • Inherent cost saving – lower mortgage, water and energy