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Unlock the Apartment Lifestyle to Find Your Happy Place

Have you considered apartments in your property hunt? Living in an apartment lends itself to an exciting, sustainable lifestyle with minimal time or effort required.

Apartments are the perfect setting for those living an active and social life. They’re also a perfect choice for those concerned about the environment and world around them. If you’re looking for your happy place, an apartment might just be the perfect fit. Here’s why.

Lock and leave

One of the key benefits to living in an apartment is you can lock up and leave at any given moment. There’s no need to find house-sitters to water the garden or to make sure your home is safe and secure. With an apartment you are fully self-contained and living within a secure community surrounded by your trusted neighbours.

These perks are perfect for long days at the office, spontaneous weekends away or business travel. Living in an apartment allows you the flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want. No strings attached.


Living in an inner-city apartment allows you to incorporate exercise and physical activity into your everyday life. Even if the weather is awful, it’s easy to simply use the stairs to get your heart rate going.

What’s more, apartments are typically located in high-density areas, meaning you can walk or cycle to places like coffee shops, public transport and restaurants without much trouble. You’ll be amazed at what an extra 15 minutes of outdoor exercise each day does for your physical and mental health.


Apartments with urban locations conveniently provide access to various amenities and services. Having them at your doorstep makes your life quicker and easier.  Being close to things like public transport, nightlife, shopping and restaurants means you are never far from the action. Even if you live a busy life, you can always find something fun and exciting to do at short notice.


Living in an apartment puts you in proximity to neighbours who make similar lifestyle choices and often have the same interests. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people offers you a sense of security within your home, and an inevitable sense of community within the building. Your new apartment can easily become a platform for making friends and developing relationships.

If the time comes when you need a favour or helping hand, it’s comforting to know you have at least five doors to knock on, rather than one or two. Likewise, it feels great to be able to help those around you in a practical and useful way when they need it.

Sustainable choices managed for you

Apartment living means sustainable choices such as recycling programs and energy conservation systems are managed on your behalf. You’re able to live a responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle without the time spend or hassle.

A sustainable apartment can easily provide:

  • Energy efficient appliances to help reduce energy costs
  • Energy efficient lights, including LEDs and CFLs, which help reduce your ecological footprint
  • Water efficient fittings and fixtures 
  • A web-based monitoring system allowing you to view your energy consumption in real time
  • Solar energy systems 
  • Waste management, including residential green waste and recycling programs 
  • Electric vehicle recharge stations 

Be it a new home, first home or investment property, living in an apartment is perfect for the environmentally conscious, even if you’re lacking in time because of work, study, or travel commitments.

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