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The Rules of Recycling by Peg Davies

Peg Davies, Earth Carers

There is a lot of enthusiasm for recycling which is wonderful to see but unfortunately there are a few rules that aren’t often followed as people just aren’t aware –

  • Don’t include bottle tops or lids of jars
  • Do not put items into plastic bags and tie – the conveyor belt is moving too quickly for the bags to be untied and contents assessed
  • Cardboard containers with foil liners such as long life milk or fruit juice cartons cannot be recycled because of the foil – use plastic bottles instead
  • Size does matter – if it’s smaller than a tin of tuna then it won’t be recycled
  • Include pasta plastic bags in normal rubbish bin 

Reduce is always the better option than recycling – few tips

  • Use a reusable coffee cup and have it filled by your local barista - don’t forget to have it in your bag on your way TO work for the early morning drinks
  • Carry a reusable (glass or steel) water bottle with you to refill when necessary rather than buying plastic bottles
  • Hang your reusable bags on your front door so you don’t forget to take it to the supermarket! There are 4 billion plastic bags used a year so don’t leave your reusable bag behind!