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The Edible Balcony

The Edible Balcony

(as featured on Today Tonight)

Community Gardens, a backyard veggie patch and now the edible balcony – the popularity of growing your own food has never been higher, and is growing steadily.

Leading sustainable apartment developer Psaros is the first in Perth to accommodate edible balconies within their building designs in an effort to encourage residents to grow their own food from small spaces and build better connections with their neighbours.

"Growing fruit and vegetables from balconies and small spaces may seem like a novel idea but Psaros would like to turn this into a reality for their apartment buildings,” commented Psaros Head of Sustainability, Chiara Pacifici, who has pioneered the concept.

Specially designed planter boxes and green walls are provided for most apartments in many new buildings. Communal gardens are located to take advantage of appropriate orientation is a focus in architectural design. The types of plants that can be grown include herbs such as Basil and Rosemary, as well as lettuce, tomatoes and carrots.

“We have created new and innovative strata by-laws that encourage owners and occupants to form sustainability sub-committees tasked to grow, share and work together to produce food which helps to ensure the legacy of the initiatives we have going,” said Ms Pacifici.

“Growing food from roof tops and balconies is happening all over the world but in Australia it’s still a fairly new concept which needs to be supported”.

You can learn more about edible balconies at the Perth Eco Fair on Sunday April 3rd where world-renowned author of The Edible City, Indira Naidoo will be presenting.