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The Chelsea - October 2016

Basement: Ramp access completed, removal of temp columns completed, service instillations ongoing

Ground Floor: Western Power room energised, commercial windows installed, lobby floor grinding commenced

Level 1 (Units 1-10) Builders clean underway, finishes and defects underway

Level 2 (Units 11-20) Builders clean underway, finishes and defects underway

Level 3 (Units 21-28) Scaffold removed from balconies, screed completed and waterproofing underway

Level 4 (Units 29-36) Timber floor completed

Level 5 (Units 37-41) External screed completed, waterproofing underway and external tiles underway

General: Perimeter scaffold removed and ground floor canopy steel commenced. Internal courtyard scaffold altered for texture to fascia and works progressing to remove scaffold from this area. Display units 29 and 33 ready for sales to open.

Target for November completion of all texture to external, level 1 AFS panels installed and remaining works to progress to common areas. Landscaping to proceed to all floors and the completion of internal units to continue. Commissioning of services ongoing.