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The Chelsea November 2016

Basement: Store rooms brick work completed. Mech, Electrical Hydraulic instillation’s completed, commissioning to commence first week of December. Concrete patching/remedial works 80%

Ground Floor: Fire doors completed, painter to completed by COB 25/11/16. Signage commence 28/11/16. Concrete floors finished to Com 1 and lobby. Entry door installed, access control programing underway. Paving to external to be completed 30/11/16.

Level 1 (Units 1-10) Builders clean, defects underway, Common area planters tiling, texture and waterproofing underway. 

Level 2 (Units 11-20) Builders clean, defects underway, planters filled, planting to commence Mid December

Level 3 (Units 21-28) Builders clean, defects underway

Level 4 (Units 29-36) Builders clean, defects underway

Level 5 (Units 37-41) Timber floors completed by COB 29/11/16

General: External remedial work and texture coat 90% completed, patches to all elevations and final window cleaning to be completed from boomlift. Pumps commissioned and fire system compliance inspections and testing to be done first week December.