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The Chelsea May 2016

Basement: Dewatering underway to CF1, lift over run poured, steel commenced to raft footing. 

Ground Floor: Hydraulic and electrical services instillations commenced. 

Level 1 (Units 1-10): Framework commenced to all units, external boards installed, Hydraulic and electrical rough is 90% complete 

Level 2 (Units 11-20): Hydraulic underslung commenced, electrical wiring commenced    

Level 3 (Units 21-28): 3rd floor slab area 2 completed, walls installed and formwork to level 4 installed 

Level 4 (Units 29-36): 4th floor area 1 poured, walls delivered, area 2 formwork completed, pour programed for 1st week of June. 

General: Framework to continue directly to next levels behind service instillations, basement works to proceed to CF2 and then hydraulic instillations