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Small businesses invited into the limelight at 2015 Beaufort Street Festival

Some of Perth’s newest and smallest businesses will have the opportunity to showcase themselves at the BSF.

They'll have the opportunity to do this in front of over 150,000 people as part of a business development initiative at the 2015 Beaufort Street Festival. 

Founded in 2012, the Psaros Business Incubator aims to kick-start fledgling businesses by providing a space for owners to showcase their products during the high-profile festival on November 14. 

A total of 13 businesses will be part of the 2015 incubator initiative, including Tea for Toodyay – a grassroots regional business specialising in organic, herbal and flavoured teas. Owner Adele Luke said the incubator program represented an invaluable opportunity showcase her business to metropolitan customers. 

“For a business like mine from country WA, it’s incredibly important to be visible in front of potential customers who would otherwise be unlikely to ever learn about us,” Ms Luke said. 

“Over-the-counter sales are great, but the main thing the business incubator provides is exposure. We want the opportunity to talk to people, tell them about what we offer and hopefully build a following through social media that will allow us to grow an online customer base.” 

Another business invited into the Psaros Business Incubator is Tkozi, which sells handmade vintage homewares. Since starting Tkozi last year, Zona Mir has come to understand how financial constraints can limit opportunities for small businesses. 

“As a start-up I had very limited resources and I’ve had to pass on quite a few good opportunities for growth simply because I didn’t have the finances,” Ms Mir said. 

“The Beaufort Street Festival offers a level of exposure that is really important, so to be invited to the business incubator is very exciting. It’s a fantastic idea and something that supports any kind of small business. The main criteria you need to show is passion for what you do and have a desire to grow. 

“I’m really looking forward to the festival and who knows, maybe we’ll see a little Tkozi shop sprout up on Beaufort Street sometime soon.” 

As a former small business owner himself, Psaros CEO Danny Psaros knows the challenges of getting a business off the ground. Mr Psaros said the Psaros Business Incubator was a way his company could make a meaningful contribution to some of WA’s most grassroots local businesses. 

“The Psaros Business Incubator is designed to help the most basic, independent local business, many of which operate out of homes or backyard sheds,” he said. 

“All businesses, whether small or large, need to start somewhere and events like the Beaufort Street Festival provide a fantastic opportunity for emerging companies to gain a foothold in the community. 

“Last year more than 120,000 people attended the Beaufort Street Festival in a single day. That level of exposure is incredibly important for growing businesses and is something that we hope can help set them on a path for sustained growth.”