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Psaros Announced As Winner in National Sustainability Awards

Leading WA property developer Psaros has won the prestigious National Award for Sustainability Leadership in Sydney.

Psaros has been recognized for their pioneering efforts in sustainability in both their business operations and as a builder of multi residential apartments in Perth.

The Banksia Sustainability Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the country, showcasing the best sustainability achievements in innovation and in business.

“We are very proud to be recognised in this National award. In early 2013 we made a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our business and since then our team, led by our passionate Head of Sustainability Chiara Pacifici, has worked tirelessly to integrate sustainability policy and initiatives in all areas of our operations,” Danny Psaros, CEO.

Psaros would like to thank Australia Post who were the sponsors for this years Sustainability Leadership (Small to Medium Enterprise) Banksia Award.  We are proud to be recognised as a business demonstrating leadership by fully integrating sustainability principles and practices into operational business activities and reducing our organisation's footprint.

Psaros has pioneered Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for multi-residential buildings in Australia, enabling them to understand performance-based results and make changes to design and construction where possible. Their team assesses each building design based on the embodied energy, through to operational energy for the life of each building. They collaborate with consultant teams including ESD Consultants eTool® to improve the performance and deliver better quality, future-proofed, affordable and more comfortable places to live.

These green apartments now offer buyers and subsequent occupants the ability to generate their own free solar electricity as well as other sustainability features that deliver social, financial and environmental outcomes for occupants.

They are the only developers in Western Australia who measure their carbon impact, which has in the end helped save them money and build a credible green reputation with a unique point of difference in the market.

“Being both developer and builder gives Psaros the advantage of being able to set new industry standards in environmental performance by integrating sustainability initiatives and technologies into our apartments.” Mike Enslin, Managing Director.

The Banksia Judges said: "Psaros has a strong commitment to sustainability and have implemented a number of innovative approaches to reduce their organisation’s environmental footprint. The level of continuous commitment and embedded sustainability parameters from concept to delivery is impressive as is the commitment and level of understanding among the personnel and contractors involved.

As a young business, Psaros demonstrates a quick change in organisational approach, good educational and external positioning and exceeds regulatory standards. Psaros goes beyond normal business practices and is driving change in a very competitive industry."