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Prosperity Through Property

The desire to invest in Perth property remains strong, with current market conditions primed for the savvy investor.

Young buyers are keen to get an early start on securing their financial future, while older Australian’s are turning to property investment to create greater stability and sustainable income streams after they retire. Yet despite strong desire, property investment still seems unattainable for many Australians.

But what if property investment was easier and more affordable than you thought? What if you could unlock capital you never new existed, gain control of your finances and make your money work harder for you? 

Securing your financial future

The Prosper Through Property workshops have helped numerous Perth people get their foot on the property investment ladder, securing a much stronger financial future for their families.

Keen to get a broad range of property investment advice, aspiring investor Suzanne attended the Psaros seminar earlier this year and speaks highly of her experience:

“The most appealing feature of the seminar for me was learning about different aspects of property investment, from a range of experts, all in the one place” says Suzanne. “Typically I would have sought the advice of a financial advisor, a broker and had to visit developers to get the range of information that was available to me at the one event.”

Following the seminar Suzanne went on to successfully invest in property at The Chelsea, a boutique development nestled between William and Beaufort Streets in Perth.

The program

In just 60 minutes, a panel of respected industry experts share their collective experience and insight on investing in Perth property. Together they demonstrate proven approaches for making property investment more attainable and successful, addressing topics like:  

  • Managing your mortgage: how to make your mortgage work harder for you by releasing equity
  • Making the right investment choice: what makes a good investment, and why?
  • Financing your investment: let your tenants do the heavy lifting
  • Retirement planning and investment – how much you need to retire, and how you can bridge the gap when you fall short.

About the Panel

The Prosper Through Prosperity seminar series brings together over 80 years of experience in the property industry:

Strategic thinker Alan Pavisich of Resolute Finance is a senior finance executive with over 28 years experience in banking and finance. Alan brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the advantage of his clients.  

Brenton Jones is the Principal Client Adviser at Future Wealth Planners. With more than 25 years experience, Brenton has gained an enviable reputation as a leading light in the often complex field of retirement planning. 

As Sales Director for Psaros and multi award-winning agent, Sven Robertson has deep property industry knowledge and experience. Sven is also a Licensee and previous owner of several Real Estate businesses.