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Perth's most sustainable development

In a landmark finding, an independent report has revealed a Perth apartment building has achieved a massive 64% saving on carbon emissions.

This achievement makes it the city’s most environmentally sustainable apartment development to date.

Bravo by Psaros, on Oxford Street in Mt Hawthorn, underwent a 12-month audit by Life Cycle Analysis experts eTool on the performance of its in-built sustainability initiatives, and the findings are significant.  

The measured results indicate that over its lifespan the building will emit nearly 10,000 tonnes less CO2 than standard buildings, this is equivalent to 1,295 zero energy homes for a year or 2,555 cars off the road for a year.

“Bravo was designed and built with careful consideration of its life cycle environmental impacts. After a full year of operation, we are extremely pleased with the environmental performance results”, commented Psaros Managing Director Mike Enslin.

The sustainability initiatives measured in the audit included solar power, solar hot water, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and building materials.

Psaros Head of Sustainability, Chiara Pacifici confirmed that the building is almost electricity-neutral. “These results are what we have been waiting for – quantitative and scientific evidence of how a green apartment building outperforms all other comparable buildings”, she said.

The initiatives are standard across all Psaros developments and each building will be audited following completion.

“It was interesting to note there was only a 6% difference between the predicted outcome and the measured result, so we are anticipating the carbon saving to be in the region of 250million kgs from all of our projects built, or in the process of being built, since 2014, over their expected lifetimes. This will be an incredible achievement and an industry first”, said Mr Enslin.

At the historic Climate Change meeting in Paris in December 2015, Australia was one of nearly 200 countries to sign an agreement to reduce carbon emissions in a commitment to keep the earth’s temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

“With Australia’s reduction target at 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030, we have 15 years to reduce carbon emissions by nearly a third and if all buildings such as Bravo by Psaros work to achieve the same reduction targets, then Australia will exceed this target,” said Mr Enslin.  

Psaros’ Head of Sustainability, Chiara Pacifici, said of the report, “Psaros set out on a journey four years ago to make sustainability a part of the DNA of their apartment buildings, and this is just the first of many buildings that will set the standard of apartment dwellings in Perth as Australia moves towards a more carbon neutral future.”

By the end of 2016, Psaros will have delivered the largest number of solar powered, sustainably designed low carbon apartments in the country with another 450 under construction. This is the largest number of green apartments to enter the market globally, over 700 homes that will generate their own renewable energy and take advantage of enhanced solar passive design.

See a snapshot of the report here