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Perth’s inner city dwellers set to embrace electric cars

Earlier this year the website published an article laying out the top 10 reasons to buy an electric car.

It pointed out that electric vehicles are inexpensive to operate, require less maintenance than traditional cars, and help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Broadly speaking, editor Jeff Cob said, the benefits fell into two main areas:

  1. Direct benefits to yourself, like saving money
  2. Benefits to the whole community, like helping to create a cleaner environment.

Electric cars are the next big thing

It’s not surprising electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in highly developed, progressive, urbanized countries.

A recent report in Britain’s The Guardian revealed there are more than 400,000 electric vehicles on the road around the world — almost half of which are in the United States.

Japan has 74,000 and in the Netherlands and Denmark they account for five per cent of the total car market,” the report said.

In Norway, where 20 per cent of all cars sold are electric, it is getting harder to find unoccupied public charging facilities.”

Australians are ready to embrace electric cars

As yet, in Australia, the numbers are far lower. About 1.1 million cars are sold in Australia each year. According to the Federal Chamber for Automotive Industries, of the more than 266,000 vehicles sold in Australia between January and April of this year, just 42 were electric. That’s about 0.015 per cent of the market.

But that’s all about to change.

A two-year trial of electric cars in Australia — conducted in Perth by the University of WA — found few technological barriers to the adoption of EVs.

When they published late last year the report’s authors said, “government incentives for early adopters and government programs for the roll-out of fast-DC charging stations would help Australia fully embrace these cars”.

Every new development should have EV charge points

But another way to help Australians embrace EVs is for industry to step up to the mark and do its bit — and that’s the view we’ve taken at Psaros.

At the start of 2013 CEO Danny Psaros promised to provide electric vehicle charge stations in all our forthcoming developments.

As developers who build affordable and sustainable apartments in Perth, we believe it is imperative to include recharge capabilities in each of our developments to support electric vehicle technology” Mr Psaros said.

With increasing transport needs, the rising cost of fuel, the need for Australia to reduce its carbon dioxide emission and concerns about air pollution, we firmly believe EVs are the way of the future.”

Turning over a new EV Leaf

To help kickstart the adoption of EVs in Perth, we’ve teamed up with Nissan to introduce an electric vehicle, the EV Leaf, to our company fleet.

The initiative will see the Psaros team using a Nissan Leaf while on the road, helping to promote the Nissan vehicle and encouraging the use of electric cars.

The Australian Electric Vehicle recharge supplier Charge Point will supply a station at the Psaros commercial premises as part of the initiative.

We hope it will also help to educate both the Psaros team and the broader community about the capabilities of the car, its recharge technicalities, the on-line support system and the overall benefits for users. Visit our Sustainability page for more information on other Psaros sustainability initiatives.