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Perth Rethinks Sustainable Urban Living

Community attitudes to housing are also changing. Perth residents are rethinking urban apartments, choosing to live closer to where they work, rest and play.

Homebuyers are seeing greater value and appeal in what was once seen as an alternative lifestyle choice.

According to research recently conducted by the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA), the Property Council of Australia (PCA), and Psaros, Perth’s explosive population growth is changing more than just the postcodes of our outermost suburbs.

Published in December 2014, “What Perth Wants” explores community attitudes toward housing and the future development of Perth City and it’s surrounding suburbs. The report uncovers growing support across Perth for a broader mix of development types, including medium- and higher-density apartments.

The report also shows that Perth’s population craves more sustainable housing. Location has a new meaning; proximity to public transportation and the availability of other alternative sustainable transport options is another significant factor affecting Perth’s real estate market.

The message Perth is sending is clear; residents want:

  • To live in more connected and sustainable housing 
  • To be closer to transport
  • Culture and entertainment to be more diverse and accessible
  • To live in and be part of connected local communities

So how is Perth rising to meet the challenge?

Perth today, planning for tomorrow

As part of the City of Perth’s Strategic Community Plan, significant investment is going into invigorating our capital city, making Perth a more exciting and sustainable city.

Guided by a 2029+ vision, there is a strong focus on connecting and enhancing our urban areas including:

  • Connecting people with more integrated transport.
  • Supporting more diverse culture and entertainment.
  • Bringing together the communities in which we live, work and play.

Connecting urban communities

Social inclusion is a top priority for the people of Perth and a recurring theme in the City of Perth’s 2029+ vision.

Dispelling the myth that major cities bring only social disconnect and isolation, many of Perth’s residents – particularly first-time homebuyers – want to live in urban environments. And they want to connect with and belong to their communities.

In urban environments, micro communities (like sporting teams, social clubs and community gardens) typically thrive. They offer residents a way to combine the very best of living in or near the city, with a genuine sense of community purpose and belonging.

New cultural connections

A major benefit of urban lifestyles is the proximity they provide to a city’s cultural and entertainment infrastructure. With the sinking of Perth Train Station and new and exciting entertainment venues like Yagan Square and Urban Orchard popping up all over town, Perth has never been better equipped to sustain a diverse and exciting arts and cultural scene.

Better access to transport

For decades Perth’s population growth has been accommodated by seemingly endless sprawl, resulting in a metropolitan area now spanning 120km. Sustainable urban lifestyles help ease our sprawl and move Perth towards a more sustainable city form.

Making Perth transport more integrated, accessible and sustainable is another theme that features throughout What Perth Wants and is a key component of the City of Perth’s Strategic Plan.

As well as helping to connect people with culture and entertainment, an urban apartment lifestyle connects people with public transport, presenting a range of cheaper and greener transport alternatives. This style of housing can also cut commute times and costs, reduce the need for land clearing, and ease the pressure on the transport infrastructure required to support our sprawling outer suburbs.

Perth: we hear you, loud and clear

With the surging popularity of affordable, sustainable, medium-density accommodation, combined with a city that is slowly but decidedly coming to life, Perth may soon offer city living at its very best. To secure your exciting and sustainable Perth apartment lifestyle, contact us today.