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Our Initiatives - An Industry First!

Since 2013, sustainability concepts have been incorporated into Psaros apartments to have positive and long-lasting environmental, social and financial outcomes for occupants.

They are designed to reduce the environmental footprint of its occupants and the building, and help residents lower their overall energy costs.

The sustainability concepts are considered as early as the site feasibility stage to ensure developments are strategically located close to a range of amenities and services including transport nodes combined with cultural and lifestyle access. At the design stage, the passive design of the building is considered and optimised to take advantage of the local climate. Psaros uses internationally recognised Life-Cycle Analysis to guide the overall delivery of the ESD initiatives. These initiatives include renewable energy generation to feed into apartments and the common areas, high energy and water efficient measures, energy motoring to empower the resident to take action and much more. Psaros acknowledges that sustainability is a journey towards continuous improvement for their buildings and this is being recognised as a unique point of difference in the market place.

  • Solar energy – Psaros apartments capture free energy from the sun to generate electricity. Our Solar Photovolatic (PV) system provides electricity to your apartment and common areas
  • Motion sensors and CO sensors – these energy saving devices include: motion sensors in common area lighting and car park ventilation through the use of CO sensors
  • Energy monitoring – Each apartment has the ability to preview real time energy use via a web based monitoring system. So you can take action to conserve power and save on everyday bills
  • Community -  All our developments are strategically located for easy access to amenities, services, cultural and lifestyle opportunities. We believe in creating a sense of community
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Every Psaros apartment is fitted with energy efficient lighting including LED’s and CFL’s. These help reduce the overall ecological footprint, and further save you
  • Energy Efficient Appliances – High energy efficient appliances have been chosen for all Psaros apartments to help reduce energy costs
  • Solar Hot Water (Gas Boosted) – unlike other apartments, Psaros includes solar hot water. This means cost-effective hot water, plus more space because of the absence of an electric storage hot water system
  • Water Efficient Fixtures – You’ll find water efficient fixtures and fittings are standard throughout your apartment and all common areas
  • Sustainable Transport Links – cycle into the city, walk to shops or catch a train, it’s your choice. Save time, money and reduce your overall carbon footprint, compared to a car. We also offer electric vehicle recharge stations in most of our developments in preparation for an increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) use