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New Multi-purpose Perth Stadium, New Jobs

A much-needed boost to the economy and surroundings of WA

From cricket to concerts, AFL, rugby league, union and soccer (football), the new Perth Stadium and Sports Precinct is a winning prospect. The ‘fans first’ stadium has been built with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a modern-day masterpiece in architecture. The impressive design that captures the imagination also caters to all the functional and safety needs of the public. What’s more, this exciting showcase of construction has brought along with it thousands of jobs that help boost the local economy. Read our blog to find more about the thousands of jobs created by the construction of Perth Stadium.

The construction

The crown jewel of the new sporting precinct, located on the banks of the Swan River has been widely endorsed and is considered to be the most welcoming and fan-oriented venue in Australia.

Construction is set to be complete early in 2018, with the stadium featuring the following:

  • 5 levels
  • 60000 seats with a potential for an additional 10000
  • Over 70 food and beverage outlets
  • 600 bike tracks
  • 2 giant screens
  • Over 1000 televisions
  • 748 male and 781 female bathrooms

The covered Community Arbour represents Noongar Community stories, linking the six-platform Stadium Station to the Swan River. The western section of the precinct will house an amphitheatre, two children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and a boardwalk. The Northern Oval will be open for public use on non-event days, in addition to providing event-day parking.

The jobs

Equally as impressive as the construction, interior design and general architecture are the multitude of jobs that will be created and the revenue that will flow into the local economy.

The monumental project consists of hundreds of contract opportunities, creating thousands of jobs but will also be accompanied by the building of Stadium Station. The Stadium Station contract alone is valued at 100 million dollars, providing another 1800 jobs.

Brookfield Multiplex CEO, John Fletcher, has been quoted as saying, “The estimated 5700 jobs to be created during the construction phase will not only provide an estimated $2.5 billion boost for the West Australian economy, but also create a sense of ownership and pride, which will stand us in good stead for the years ahead.”

Bringing a colossal project to life requires the hands and contributions of thousands of dedicated staff. These staff not only include the construction workers but the caretakers, security and employees who will oversee the daily running of the venue after its completion. They will be the driving force behind the scores of eateries, playgrounds and community spaces on offer year-round.

Finally, according to the Perth stadium website, the McGowan Labour Government will have the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge built locally, creating an estimated 250 local jobs in Western Australia to add to thousands of others.

Nearby accommodation

Psaros is honoured to be offering the unique opportunity to live in sustainable, modern apartments just a stone throw away from Western Australia’s new sporting hub.

Conveniently located close to Claisebrook Cove and the new Perth Stadium, East Bank offers spacious and stylishly designed apartments for those looking for a relaxed, upmarket lifestyle. It’s also just minutes from the CBD, and like most of our developments, it is located near public transport amenities.

Backed by Midland’s rich history, Woodbridge on Green is your opportunity to share its exciting future. These modern and affordable apartments are the perfect addition to the fast transforming Midland, right on the doorstep to the Swan Valley. From its vibrant city centre, new and planned public amenities, to the nearby tourist region, Woodbridge on Green has a plenty to offer anyone and everyone.

To find out more about these two developments, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are on hand to assist with any information you may need. 

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