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Making Biking Part of an Exciting, Sustainable Lifestyle

According to Cycle Sport Western Australia over the past decade Australian cycling participation has increased by over 45%, and 2012 was the 12th consecutive year that bikes OUTSOLD cars.

So it's official – biking is BIG and it's here to stay. From stoic environmentalists, to fitness fanatics, families and those who just like the feel of the wind in their hair, people from all walks (and rides) of life are ditching their car keys and trading four wheels in for two - and for good reason. If you're lucky enough to live close enough to the city to ride to work, then why not give it a go?

Why biking is best

Not convinced that biking is for you? Here's five reasons why biking really is best (for you, your waistline, wallet – and of course – the planet): 

  1. It's undeniably good for you - not just your health but general wellbeing too.
  2. Cycling is a highly sustainable form of transport, reducing congestion and pollution on our roads.
  3. Infrastructure is improving with a focus on enabling Perth as a cycling city. In fact, the City of Perth is committed to developing Perth as a "successful, sustainable and vibrant place that we are proud to pass onto future generations". Promoting cycling as a mainstream and viable transport alternative is key to achieving this vision.
  4. It's relatively inexpensive - especially when you consider what you'll save on petrol and parking. Some workplaces even pay a transport allowance to staff with a 'green commute'.
  5. It brings the community together. Cycling gets people out of their cars and engaging with people around them. Why not get a group of friends, colleagues or neighbours together and your morning commute will become a whole lot more sociable.

Getting started

Think you're ready to give it a go? Here are some hints on getting started:

Pre-flight checks: Whether you buy or borrow a bike, make sure it's the right size and the mechanics are in good working order (or at very least the chain, tyres and brakes). Your local bike shop can help with all of these things.

Plan ahead and be prepared: Before you set off, make sure you've mapped your route or better still, completed a trial run on the weekend so you know how long it will actually take. If others in your workplace cycle in, don't be afraid to ask for advice on which way to go, where to park your bike and what sort of facilities are available to freshen up when you get into work. The WA Department of Transport have developed a Travel Smart map which details cycle paths and points of interest that will get you around town and beyond into the suburbs very easily.

For more ideas on getting started, bike networks, routes and all things 'cycling' and 'Perth' visit the Bicycling Western Australia website.

Storing your bike in an apartment?

Working out where to store your bike can be tricky – especially if you live in an apartment. If you don't have a secure bike lock-up there are plenty of clever creations designed to help you hide your ride. Like the floor to ceiling dual bike stand, or the more discrete bike wall mount. Or if you're really short on space why not try the very 'urban' and compact folding bike?

Psaros is deeply committed to creating exciting, sustainable lifestyles. All of our developments are designed to have positive and long-lasting environmental, social and economic outcomes for owners and occupiers. To find out more, check out the Psaros Advantage or get in touch with us.