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Life Cycle Assessment

What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and why is it important?

You’re looking for new apartments in Perth and you’re hoping to find one that utilises green design practices. How can you be sure what the developer is selling you is truly a green sustainable home? An independent life cycle assessment (LCA) rating is the best way to make that determination.

What is a life cycle assessment?

One good way to assess the environmental impact associated with a new property is by looking at the LCA. The assessment is conducted in 3 steps:

  1. Taking an inventory of the energy and material inputs and environmental releases involved in the development
  2. Evaluating the potential impact to the environment based on the information provided in step 1 
  3. Interpreting the results and assigning a rating to help you make a more informed decision

In other words, an LCA is a good way for consumers to have an objective and independent view of a green design.

The diagram demonstrates how LCA examines the total environmental impact of a building through every step of its life – from cradle to grave including raw material extraction, manufacture, transport, assembly use and disposal or recycling.

What are the goals of LCA?

The goals of an LCA are important to anyone interested in helping to address the global warming issue. It’s estimated buildings account for 35% of the world’s carbon footprint. Using an LCA, developers can build for a sustainable future with a goal to:

  • Lowering the carbon footprint for a development
  • Designing more intelligently
  • Providing a more sustainable lifestyle

eTools LCA Medals

Perth is fortunate to have an internationally recognised local provider for LCA technology. The eTool LCA Medal ratings provides 4 different categories depending on the how much green house gas emissions have been saved.

Bronze Medal - Saving of up to 30%

Silver Medal – 30% to 60% savings

Gold Medal – 60% to 90% savings

Platinum Medal – More than 90% savings