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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

The only way to achieve a truly carbon neutral building by Alex Bruce, eTool

The future is here and the day has arrived where it IS possible to have a carbon neutral building. However, Life Cycle Design is essential to determine the TRUE carbon footprint of a building before even one brick is laid – often people have the intention of doing the right thing but simply retrofitting solar panels will not be sufficient, there are a number of aspects to consider in the building life cycle.

  • When people think carbon footprint, they usually think of the ongoing operations – electricity, fuel consumption and so forth – but have you considered the manufacturing of building materials and the transportation of those materials to the building site? Not many people do and this is where LCA comes in – it’s concept to completion and beyond, as it even measures the impact of the demolition of the building at the end of its life cycle – approximately 100 years
  •  LCA is the only methodology that allows us to quantify all the impacts associated with a building and simultaneously understand how they relate to each other. More importantly LCA provides us with the ability to improve them in a mutually beneficial fashion
  • There’s a science to it and for those who truly want to live carbon neutral then it’s important to consider the whole life cycle of a building to determine true carbon footprint
  • Psaros uses LCA at the design stage of each development to minimise the impact of each building and reduce the carbon footprint for residents
  • See or contact Alex Bruce for more information