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Landmark mural unveiled in West Leederville

A new mural – created by Perth artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers - has been officially unveiled in West Leederville.

Set to become a Perth landmark, the artwork is visible from both the Mitchell Freeway and the Leederville Train station footbridge and has already captured the attention of hundreds of commuters during its week-long creation.

The iconic artwork is on the wall of a commercial building located at 50 Oxford Close, West Leederville.

Artist Kyle explained the inspiration behind the piece “I wanted to paint something that could be easily understood when driving past at 80km an hour on the freeway but had enough pattern and detail to get lost in if you walked past the work on foot. I was working with ideas of embracing our sense of place within the larger community and the growth of Perth as a city.”

Basil Antonas, who is Head of Branding for Psaros was the brainchild behind the mural.

“The name of the mural is ‘the giant’s view’. It's a double play on the painted people looking out, and the view you get of them from all the vantage points, especially from the train station footbridge,” said Mr Antonas.

“The painting represents a sense of place, welcoming, hope and community, it’s a gift of creativity to the community from the owners of 50 Oxford Close.”

See the video documenting the painting process here

Kyle Hugh-Odgers’ next commission is the Perth Airport large scale work (6m x 80m) across 3 sides of a building between the international airport and the new domestic T2 building. This will be complete in the next few months.