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Innovative partnership aims to make Perth City more sustainable

A unique and innovative partnership has formed between Western Australia’s peak environment group and leading urban property developer Psaros to encourage sustainable apartment developments in Perth City.

Conservation Council Director Piers Verstegen said “Psaros are leading the way in Perth with their sustainable apartment developments so it makes sense that we work with them to promote sustainable urban living as an affordable, convenient and environmentally-friendly choice for Western Australians.

“For every person who chooses a sustainable apartment, less energy is used, less waste is created, less natural bushland is destroyed and more trips are taken by public transport.”

Mike Enslin, Managing Director at Psaros said “We are proud that Psaros apartments include features such as solar power generation, solar hot water and electric car recharge stations as standard, and we are providing this at no extra cost to our purchasers.  We are certainly finding that sustainable apartments are receiving a strong positive response from buyers”.

As the first stage of the partnership, CCWA and Psaros have jointly commissioned market research by Ipsos to help understand community attitudes towards sustainable apartment-style living and the future of Perth city.

Chiara Pacifici, Head of Sustainability said “We have noticed an increase in consumer awareness of the benefits of our eco-friendly apartments, but we need to understand the level of public support beyond just the apartment buyers”

Mr. Verstegen said: “While there can be vocal opposition to individual higher density developments, we don’t really know what the view is in the general community or how Perth people want the City to develop in the future.

“The research will also test some old assumptions such as the preference for detached suburban homes on large blocks, and the idea that urban sprawl provides more affordable housing.

“We hope that the CCWA-PSAROS partnership and the research we have commissioned will be the first step in building a powerful coalition of community and business to transform the City of Perth. Over the coming months we will be approaching other potential partners to join this exciting initiative.”