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Inner-city apartments: The perfect empty nester solution

Have your children grown up and left home, returning just to raid your fridge? Do you find yourself rattling around a huge house of empty rooms?

Do you dream of an apartment lifestyle after decades of weeding and mowing lawns? Does a ‘lock and leave’ apartment make sense while you spend more time travelling? Whatever motivates your change of address, the good news is downsizing your family home no longer means downgrading your lifestyle too.

Spoiled for choice

As our lifestyles become healthier and our longevity greater, many people are experiencing a second act, leaving them plenty of time and resources for an exciting, sustainable lifestyle in their middle age and beyond.


For those who prefer city living, modern urban apartments present a highly sustainable and genuinely popular lifestyle alternative to living in Perth’s sprawling suburbs. With a flurry of boutique urban developments like Fiore in West Leederville and Hub, Edge, Sellenger and Depot in Perth you’re spoiled for choice.


Inner-city living also presents much cheaper and greener transport options than Perth’s outer suburbs. If you’re a cycling enthusiast (or you just like a leisurely pedal from time to time), you may not need a car at all.

Connecting with your community

If you value knowing your neighbours and connecting with your local community, you may be surprised by what modern apartment living can offer. Gone are the days of resorting to borrowing a cup of sugar just to introduce yourself to your neighbours.


Combatting the social disconnect that city living can bring today, many urban dwellers actively seek ways to connect – joining and setting up community gardens,  or forming social and sporting groups. Other popular pastimes bringing Perth people together include a shared love of food, film, art and fitness.


Places to go, people to see, things to do

Inner-city downsizers are drawn to the accessibility of the Swan River, Kings Park and everything else the city has to offer. They enjoy active lifestyles within walking distance (or free CAT rides) of Perth’s entertainment and cultural hubs.


Moving into an urban apartment presents a genuine and appealing alternative when downsizing your family home. Psaros is deeply committed to helping clients create exciting and sustainable lifestyles, with all of our developments designed to have long-lasting environmental, social and economic outcomes for owners and occupiers. The advantages are many and you can even have a garden on your balcony.  


If you’re over the garden, sick of dealing with traffic and want to be close to all the arts, culture, great restaurants and weekend festivals, moving to Perth could be the ticket. To discover lifestyles options to suit you, visit our lifestyle display village or contact Psaros today.