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How to save on energy and water use inside an apartment

Chris Ferreria from Forever Project presented on How to save on energy and water use inside an apartment at the Perth Eco Fair.

  • Use a soil wetter for your edible balcony and communal garden - use to reduce consumption and therefore cost of water and this will also ensure the nutrients you add go into the soil and not the storm water drain
  • Taps and shower heads – speak to a waterwise plumber – find them here
  • Water diverter (the warm water after hot to cold that’s not suitable for drinking) to a small rainwater tank to use on the garden check out


“How do you see inner city apartment living helping to curb sprawl in WA given our traditional preference for the quarter acre block”

"As apartment living shakes off its ‘brick up tower block image’ and begins to mature as a mainstream housing option people will begin to see that well designed apartment developments can give all the benefits of the best inner city living and we can learn that Perth can have, thanks to these well planned apartments, the kind of cultural diversity residents of famous cities around the world enjoy. Walkable shops, cafes, gardens, natural areas, museums, cinemas and all connected by fast, safe and efficient public transport"


“How do you think we can better create a sense of community when we may be living 6 storeys off the ground? Do you have any ideas how we can develop a connection to place”

"The emphasis has to be on good design - not just in the apartments themselves so that are energy efficient, imminently liveable and sustainable but the apartments must also be about the culture fostered so that residents are encouraged and supported to green their space with a range of patio gardens. Where ever possible and practical a progressive developer will endeavour to create greenspaces, this could be in the form or roof gardens, green walls and of course community gardens. When these greening actions are fostered there is no doubt that a real sense of community can flourish"