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Flo February 2015

Level 1 (Units 1-14): Units being cleaned. Practically complete internally.

Level 2 (Units 15-32): Electrical fit off and timber flooring in progress. These Units will be practically complete within the next 3 weeks.

Level 3 (Units 33-50): Tiling in Progress. Painting 70% complete. Kitchen cupboards complete.

Level 4 (Units 51-68): Fitting kitchens and completing flushing of all internal walls.

Level 5: Electrical tube out in progress. Also sliding doors being fitted on this level. Gyproc to start in the next week.


  • Brickwork complete to all stores.  
  • Mechanical Ventilation 90% complete.
  • Lift installation started. Should be complete mid April to all levels.
  • Fire sprinkler service 70% complete. Will be fully complete in next 2-3 weeks
  • Gates to car park in production and will be fitted in the next 3 weeks


  • Timber cladding has commenced
  • All solar panels on the roof are fitted (660no)
  • Perforated screens on North & East Elevations are being fitted
  • Texture coat finish being applied to the external facade.
  • Block work and waterproofing to pool deck will commence in the next few weeks.