Psaros / News

Flo April 2015

Level 1: Units practically complete internally. Awaiting external completion.

Level 2: Purchasers inspections starting 6/5/15

Level 3: Final painting in progress. Ready for purchasers inspections mid May.

Level 4: Timber flooring and electrical fit off in progress.

Level 5: Tiling 80% complete. Robes being fitted off.

Pool Area: Decking to pool complete. BBQ pavilion practically complete. Gym complete. Pool being filled on Saturday 2/5/15. Landscaping in progress. This area will be fully complete by Friday 8/5/15.

External: All texture coat is complete from Level 5 down to Level 2. Level 1 is now in progress. External cladding in progress. Landscaping to the external to start next week.