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East Bank December 2017

Ground Floor:    Window Frames Installed

                             Block work completed

                             Canopy steel completed

Mez Floor:          Underslung hydraulics and electrical progressing

First Floor:          Cabinets installed

                             First coat paint completed

                             Tiles commenced

Second Floor:    First coat paint commenced

                             Screed completed

                             Cabinets commenced

Third Floor:        Sheeting commenced

                             Screed completed

 Fourth Floor:    Pronto and frame work completed

                             Window frames installed

                             Screed completed  

Fifth Floor:         Pronto panel and blue board completed

                             Window frames installed                               

                             Screed completed

Sixth Floor:         Framing completed

Seventh Floor:   Pronto walls commenced

                             Canopy steel complete

                             Roof cover completed