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Decorating tips for apartments

It’s no surprise that apartments are becoming increasingly popular.

With traffic congestion on the rise, living in the inner city area can save you time and money! Plus it’s a lot more fun than living in the burbs! But what happens when you move from a suburban home into an apartment and want to maximise the space? You re-decorate off course! 

Decorating an apartment has different rules to decorating a house. You have to use your space wisely and look at functionality and use of colour. Below are some of our tips: 

Make use of light and small scale furniture

Heavy and dark colours are a big no for apartments, as it darkens the room and will make the room appear smaller. Rather use light colours and fabrics like beige, white, cream and soft pastels. This will “lift” the room and make it appear bigger and brighter. If you love colour, you can always accessorise with pops of colour in cushions, ornaments or rugs.  

Another trick is to use small scale furniture. Get rid of any bulky and oversized furniture as it literally makes your apartment smaller. Your furniture choices should be to scale to your apartment. When choosing a coffee table for example, choose something that has a glass top as it will also create the illusion of open space.  


The use of mirrors is an old time trick. Place mirrors on walls opposite windows or doors as it will reflect light and make rooms appear larger. Mirrors are great for that purpose but you can also get some beautiful mirrors that can serve as a focal point and a striking decorating piece.  

Floating shelves

Get rid of bookcases as they are generally big and clunky. Rather install floating shelves as they allow you to see the wall and it’s not enclosed. It’s also more modern and contemporary. They don’t have to be installed directly underneath each other either; you can scatter them around at different levels and get creative! 

Make use of multi-functional furniture

Think sofa beds and ottomans! You can get some really comfortable and modern sofa beds these days, you wouldn’t even know there’s a bed in there! Ottomans are of course ideal to rest your feet on or sit on, but it’s also great for storage – some of them open up and has storage space inside. It’s useful storage for anything from blankets to bags to magazines. 

Use window dressings wisely

Most people think that blinds are the wisest option for apartments, sure it blocks out light and looks neat and tidy, but does it actually make the apartment look bigger? The simple answer is no. Rather, install light curtains - the trick however is to install the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. This will make the walls and ceiling appear higher, and will create the illusion of space. You can keep the blinds there to block out light if you wish, but be sure to install curtains too. Curtains also have a more luxurious look than blinds. 

Get rid of clutter, especially on the floor

It’s pretty obvious that clutter can make any space feel and look smaller. Take advantage of clever storage options like ottomans. There’s even clever bar stools that can be folded up and hung from your island top. Make use of cubes or open shelving units for your magazines, books, throw blankets, mail etc. 

Use corners wisely

You need to use every space to its full advantage in an apartment, and the same goes for corners. Why not set up a pretty reading corner, or a small dining area in the corner? If you hang a striking pendant in the corner it creates its own little “room” in a way.