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Decorating tips for apartments

Psaros recently launched a new display apartment at Edge on Newcastle Street, and we have selected a few handy tips for decorating an apartment to help you utilise the space you have to its full potential.


Make use of light coloured furniture

Dark colours aren’t ideal for apartments, unless it’s a smaller item used for contrast, instead use light colours like beige, white, cream and soft pastels. This will “lift” the room and make it appear bigger and brighter. If you love colour, you can always accessorise with pops of colour in cushions, ornaments or rugs. 



The use of mirrors is an old time trick. As you can see in the image below, it’s best to place mirrors on walls opposite windows or doors as it will reflect light and make rooms appear larger. Mirrors are great for that purpose but you can also get some beautiful mirrors that can serve as a focal point and a striking decorating piece.

Mirrored cupboard doors have also been used in this apartment, and it really opens up the space. It’s a great idea to add mirrors to storage units and get double usage from it.

Use corners wisely

Why not set up a relaxed reading corner like in the picture below and make the lamp a feature? Alternatively, a desk can be added to create a study area.


Create a dining area

By creating a dining area you give the illusion of different “rooms” and that makes the apartment seem bigger. In the image below, a round dining room table has been used and a glass console has been put in the alcove that can be used for decorating and/or entertaining purposes.

Use your balcony wisely

Your balcony is the ideal place to relax and also entertain guests. If your balcony is big enough, you can create different areas: one for entertaining and one for relaxing. In the picture below of the Edge display apartment, there is a dining area where you can entertain guests and have a BBQ, and on the other side of the balcony you can find an occasional chair that creates a little nook of relaxation. Imagine sitting there watching the sunset with a glass of wine!