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Best juice bars in Perth - Live Happy

We want to help you Find Your Happy Place! Below are what we consider to be among Perth’s BEST juice bars!

Not only are these cafes juice blends delicious and fascinating, but it’s super healthy and will fight the winter bugs so that you can live happy! Living clean is a big part of Living Happy, Wealthy & Wise – keep an eye out for this informative series.

The Growers – Shafto Lane, Perth

Probably one of the best juice bars out there – The Growers only use the freshest ingredients and have a wide variety of fresh juices and non-dairy smoothies. Their juices range in colour from bright orange to deep purple and they have highly nourishing green juices to keep the winter nasties away. They can also deliver to your workplace if you live in the area.

Duotone – 313 Hay Street, East Perth

The juices at Duotone are cold pressed daily in house and are fresh and packed with nutrients.

The Superfood Smoothie is one of the standouts, and their smoothies are topped with a 20g of whey protein to keep you going! They also have beautiful two-tone smoothies which we’ve never seen before! They are bright and are made up of various nutritious ingredients that help to rejuvenate and detoxify.


Source Foods - 4/289Beaufort Street, Highgate

Source Foods use a combination of fresh, local and organic produce which means that their juices and smoothies are always fresh and tasty. They have very interesting juice combinations – the Health Nut consists of apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger & chlorophyll, and the Immune Booster has orange, ginger, lemon & echinacea in it.

They also recently started stocking Kombucha - Kombucha has been used as a traditional tonic in both China and Russia for more than 2000 years. Some health benefits associated with Kombucha include detoxification, immune system booster, increased energy, increased metabolism, relief from arthritis and joint pain, nervous system support and is full of antioxidants.


Chinta – 29 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth

Chinta Café has moved from Doubleview to North Perth and still has a large selection of fresh juices with delicious blends. The one that caught our eye was Super Sal which consists of kale, blueberries, banana, coconut and medjool dates. When you are at Chinta make sure to rather take a seat than take your juice as takeaway – the décor is stunning and it feels like you are in Bali, so sip on your healthy juice while taking in the laid back vibe.


The Little Bird Café - 100 Lake Street, Northbridge

The juice bar and smoothie menu at this cosy café is extensive and it’s really difficult to make a decision as all the smoothies and juices look so enticing! Their dairy free smoothies are made from housemade almond milk and one smoothie that will definitely keep the doctor away is the Green Smoothie with apple, spinach, lemon, banana, kiwi and chia. You can also add pure whey protein if you want.