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Augmented Reality Just Went Mainstream

Thanks to the fascinating explosion in popularity of Pokemon Go, the world has been exposed to Augmented Reality on a global scale.


The technology has been evolving since the early 2000s, and is essentially where the real world meets the digital world in an interactive way. It has many applications, but not a lot of awareness, so it’s advantageous that a game as accessible as Pokemon Go has encouraged an understanding of the technology.


It greatly enhances the user experience as demonstrated by Pokemon Go – not just a game on a device, it engages users on another level by getting them out in the real world.


There are hundreds of applications and Pokemon Go is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Augmented Reality – the opportunities are limitless, and the technology naysayers who condemn technology as being too insular, will soon find themselves surrounded by an interactive world. 


A property application of AR is at East Bank by Psaros where we have been using an augmented reality solution created by Constructive Media to bring 2-dimensional plans in a brochure into a 3-dimensional experience using an iPad. The user holds the iPad over the ‘flat’ plan and a 3D version appears which gives the user a greater understanding of the layout of the apartment.


As a property developer who sells mainly off-the-plan apartment stock, technology such as augmented reality is invaluable in enhancing a potential buyer’s experience and along with other tools such as Virtual Reality and a scale architectural model, a buyer can get as close to the completed product as possible whilst still receiving the benefits of buying off the plan.


Last year it was Virtual Reality going mainstream, this year it is augmented reality, and we’re excited about next year when we’re sure the hologram moves from Star Wars to our living rooms.