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Advantages to a Perth Inner-City Apartment Lifestyle

Living in an inner-city apartment has many advantages, especially if you're in the newly buzzing Perth.

New small bars, great restaurants, pop-up shops, hawkers’ markets, the Fringe Festival, awesome boutiques, public art — Perth has undergone incredible change and West Australians have fallen in love with it again.

Over the past eight or so years our State’s capital city has shaken off the once common “Dullsville” tag and become the kind of vibrant place people want to spend time in, live in and enjoy. No longer do West Australians feel the need to move to Melbourne to get a taste of culture, arts, inner city living and trendy nightlife. Perth has come of age.

The inner-city lifestyle boom

Coinciding with this phenomenal cultural change in Perth is the rise in the number of inner city apartments. In 2003 just 8950 people lived in central Perth. In just over a decade, according to City of Perth figures, that number has leapt to more than 20,700. Almost all of those people will be living in apartments.

And that figure is just in the City itself; there have also been hundreds of new apartments built in highly desirable inner suburbs like Highgate, Mount Lawley, East Perth, Leederville, North Perth and Subiaco.

In June this year PerthNow reported just how much West Australians had fallen in love with apartment living. It quoted a study by property consultancy Urbis that calculated Perth’s high-rise boom was ongoing, with more than 15,000 apartments either sold off-the-plan or approved for development. Urbis’ figures showed that of the more than 9,400 “active” apartments (those being sold off-the-plan, under construction or recently completed) just 2800 remained on the market. A further 6000 flats had been approved for development.

More apartments, more vibrancy

It’s no coincidence Perth has become a more vibrant and exciting city over the same decade in which it saw a boom in the construction of inner city apartments. The two go hand-in-hand. It’s all about achieving a “critical mass” — getting enough people living in the city to support the businesses and events that help make it a vibrant place, thereby attracting more people to come and live there.

There has also been a deliberate effort by local governments including the City of Perth and the City of Vincent, and groups like the Committee for Perth, Future Perth, and FORM to get projects up and running to make Perth a more interesting and attractive place. Little things like public art, festivals, and beautifying public spaces all help make the inner city a desirable destination — both as a place to visit and a place to live. 

The State Government is also spending money on big infrastructure projects, like the Elizabeth Quay development and Perth City Link, which will be great places for the public to visit. Those developments will also make room for thousands more apartments so even more West Australians can enjoy the benefits of inner city living.

A café next door, a small bar on the corner

For generations West Australians have been told their property dream is to own a house on a quarter acre block in the suburbs — spending Sunday mornings mowing the lawn while the kids swing from the Hills Hoist. But more and more we’re asking for a diverse range of housing options so we can lead the kind of lifestyles we want. Young urban professionals, creative-types, downsizing retirees, those who just can’t stand the commute any more — all sorts of people are moving into apartments in Perth.

Why? Some want to get up later and walk to work rather than start their days in the snarl of freeway traffic. Others want to sit in a café reading the paper for an hour before heading into the office. Or they like calling into their trendy neighbourhood small bar after work for a glass of wine with friends and not worry about driving home. Or maybe they love being surrounded by a choice of amazing restaurants, find living in the inner-city cheaper, like being close to the shops, or want access to excellent public transport links. Perhaps it’s living close enough to the football stadium to walk to matches on the weekend? Whatever the reason, not before time, the people of Perth are waking up to the lifestyle advantages living close to the CBD creates.

If you’re over the garden, sick of dealing with traffic and want to be close to all the arts, culture, great restaurants and weekend festivals, moving to the inner city could be just the ticket. To discover lifestyles options to suit you, visit our new Psaros Lounge (180 Stirling St, Perth) or contact Psaros today.