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A sustainable lifestyle starts with Apartment living

A sustainable lifestyle starts with Apartment living – Chiara Pacifici, Head of Sustainability at Psaros

An apartment is inherently more sustainable than a house but initiatives built into their projects as standard, means that Psaros can significantly improve sustainability for residents: 

Psaros continue to lead in sustainable apartment development in Australia with new and innovative ways for residents to live a low carbon/low cost lifestyle. When you choose a Psaros apartment building – you’re choosing to live in an environmentally considered home; one that affords you better quality, improved performance and is a future proofed asset. You’re investing in a legacy centred around environmental sustainability. 

  • Solar passive design – built to take advantage of the local climate and help maintain thermal comfort for occupants
  • Solar power – PV system that provides electricity to apartments and common areas
  • Energy efficient hot water – cost-effective hot water but also more space as no electric storage system inside the apartment
  • Energy efficient lighting – LEDs and CFLs
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Motion Sensors to common areas
  • Sustainable materials such as FSC bamboo flooring
  • Water efficient fixtures
  • Waste avoidance and minimisation – during construction and post
  • Energy monitoring – track usage to make changes and reduce where possible
  • Electric vehicle recharge station to support future uptake of Electric Vehicles
  • Green living education programme – an ongoing programme to educate residents on how to maximise the initiatives built into their apartment and build the vertical community to fully realise the benefits of living  an exciting sustainable apartment lifestyle