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Reap the Rewards with Hi Society from Psaros

Say hello to ‘Hi Society’, the exclusive Psaros community that makes life easier and more rewarding.

That’s right; everyone who purchases a property from Psaros automatically benefits from this exciting initiative. Among the many advantages available to members, you can expect to,

  1. Receive complimentary vouchers for goods and services from local businesses. What’s not to like about a grocery pack from Perth City Farm or free tickets to the very cool Ellington Jazz Club? You’re already on your way to a sustainable, exciting lifestyle.

  2. Gain membership in an exclusive, online community where you can find the latest discount offers and enter competitions to win prizes. It’s a great way to build your network of like-minded people living in Perth.

From helping you move in, to saving on insurance, even to choosing your new sofa, Hi Society connects you to local services and brands while providing real value. Saving you time, hassle and money, Hi Society helps you get the most out of your fabulous urban location.

To find out more about Hi Society or any of the other many advantages of buying a Psaros property, contact us. We’re happy to explain this excellent program in more detail.