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How Sustainability Features Keep Your Apartment Cool

We often think of sustainability features as a way to go gentle on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. As we enter the hottest part of the Perth summer, it’s also worth noting an apartment with good sustainability features can keep you cool and reduce your energy costs.

One of the advantages of Psaros homes is the apartments are quieter, and smarter! Commercial grade windows and solid party walls reduce the transmission of sound which is essential for inner-city living. Those same features also mean heat does not easily seep in on hot days. When you return from work at the end of the day, you’re likely to feel a noticeable difference in temperature even if you haven’t been running your airconditioning.

In Perth we are blessed with the wonderful cool breezes from the Southwest and our architects work to maximise the passive design features of all our buildings, thus allowing you to turn off your air-con and get fresh, cooler air through your home.

Highly efficient LED and CFL globes fitted in our apartments not only lower energy used but also produce less heat, helping lower heat-loads that would otherwise build up in the room.

Another advantage is an Intelligent Apartment feature that allows you to monitor your energy usage. By tracking how much energy you’re using, especially in the hot months, you can make small adjustments that add up over time. In other words, you’re able to fine-tune your energy usage to help conserve energy and save money on electricity bills.

5 Tips for keeping cool in the Perth summer

There are many other ways you can keep cool in the summer without resorting to blasting expensive air conditioning throughout your home.

1) Shut it up! Keep hot air out by making sure you close windows when you leave the house in the morning. Even on hot days our Perth weather is often much cooler in the morning and evenings.

2) Close it down! Lower window shades or pull blinds closed when you’re not at home. This prevents direct sunlight from entering your apartment which can heat the area more quickly.

3) Lower your temperature! Dial your thermostat up a degree or two to conserve energy. Experiment to find a temperature that’s still comfortable.

4) Turn it off! Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the house. On the hottest days, take advantage of nearby shops, cafes and cinemas that provide air conditioning.

5) Open it up! Sleep with your bedroom windows open at night if the daily lows dip below your normal thermostat settings.

It doesn’t take much to make a few minor changes in your daily habits to keep your house cooler. Chances are you’ll be rewarded with lower energy bills.  Living in a home with good sustainability features is a good first step to keeping cool this summer. Call us if you’d like more information on achieving an exciting, sustainable lifestyle.